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Articles in this space offer ideas on current design and operations thinking for profitable facilities development

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Articles on Design Thinking strategies and how to manage the design process for the best outcome


Articles on the best application of materials, equipment and technology for maximum benefit

Ideas from nearly 50 Years Experience

With the passage of change its sometimes hard to keep up. After years of experience now is the time for me to give back and help others to achieve their plans.

Over the years I have been involved in the design of many interesting facilities from fine dining hotel restaurants to correctional facilities. On my foodservice design journey I have designed kitchen facilities for ships and trains – oil rigs and mining camps – national embassies and parliaments – hotels and restaurants – theatres and museums – food courts and event spaces – production and finishing kitchens as well as over 50 healthcare facilities from 50 to 22,000 meals a day in Australia, Korea, PRC, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Bahrain and Dubai.

During this time I have also given classes and lectures to tertiary architecture and building students, presented at seminars and given workshops and masterclasses as well as written articles for trade and professional journals on commercial kitchen operating systems and design.

Now is the time that I put all this experience to a practical use with regular postings to my blog which will cover:

The approach to design and design thinking

Storytelling the brief

    Space Planning and workflow

Environment and pollution

    Technology and systems

    Foodservice and equipment design

    Food safety and HACCP

    Ergonomics and design

    Emergency planning and the Impact of Pandemics

    Then there’s the Future (and lots more!)

and please get in touch to share your experience or talk about a problem or issue that you think that I may be able to assist with. It is useful to remember that you know your business and vision for the future better than anyone else but if you don’t pass that on effectively to project stakeholders, you risk not fully realising your plans.

About Me

I am Tim Smallwood and have been a professional foodservice design and operations consultant and am a Fellow of Foodservice Consultants Society International (FCSI)

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